Selling More Tickets Equals Bigger Paydays

We all have to deal with it; the venue gives you part of the door and a couple drinks or a meal for the musicians. That means every time we show up for a gig or show we risk not getting paid enough to cover the gas to get there. Time after time we’ve heard the stories... read more

Musicians cannot live on bread alone

A musician with a family can’t afford the average home In the US the average musician makes $40,000 per year. That is less than auto mechanics, teachers and plumbers with no disrespect to any of those professions. Though the average pay is almost $20/hour... read more

Rules to Startup By

Make lots of money is not a rule nor a reality of startup success. Let’s get that out of the way immediately. Reality is hard work, long hours, slow motion, no paycheck, black coffee and more hard work result in potential success. Be prepared if you choose to take... read more

Founders should try Fly Fishing first

Movies make fly fishing so romantic. Back Forth Back Forth Whoosh…the fly lands and the water erupts with a silver flecked trout taking the fly. It’s kind of like movies about starting a business, especially technology businesses. Code Test Code Test Launch…the internet erupts with the clicks of Venture Capitalists showering money on the dueling co-founders. Everyone gets rich…yeah, right!

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Five things Learned in Year 1    

As the end of the year one approached for my tech startup, I took a quick look back on what I had learned. I had started several successful bricks and mortar businesses over the years. But this ‘tech startup’ think was different. Like most of us, when I get a great... read more

I’m a Busboy and proud of it!

I wash dishes and clean tables. I take out the trash. I clean toilets, sweep and mop floors. Before the lights go out I make sure the counters are wiped clean and all the chairs are pushed in under the table. You see, I’m a busboy and I’m proud of it. Someone once... read more

The Books on My Desk

Harold and the Purple Crayon? The Purple Cow? The Martian? What books are on your desk? What books have you recently read? More importantly; Does it really matter? Well the answer to the last question is both Yes and No. Yes, it does matter what you read because... read more