Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Plink an App or a Website?

Plink is being developed on web platform that is specifically designed for mobile application. We anticipate the majority of users will use mobile devices.

Is Plink only for musicians?

Actually Plink is designed for use by four specific user groups;

  • Artists – individuals, groups, bands, violinists, vocalists, etc.
  • Venues – locations where music is often performed. From the corner bakery with a Sunday Brunch to the major venue like The Hollywood Bowl or a sports arena/stadium, from the Symphony to events like Coachella
  • Stakeholders – suppliers to the music industry, from teachers to lighting techs and from promoters to equipment manufacturers
  • Consumers – people who love music and want to attend live music events
How do I get involved or register with Plink?

Click here to “join the Demo” and you can register to participate in our Alpha or Beta testing. Or you can click here to join our ‘Mailing List” and keep in the loop about what’s up with Plink!