You want to work more. You’re talented but have a tough time being found for hire. You’ve been practicing, writing and jamming but you’re still not getting the jobs. You may need to switch from a Heads Down approach to Heads Up approach.

First, let’s compare the two types of ‘Heads’:

Heads Down Musician

  • You are focused on execution
  • You do things “now” when the urge comes to jam, practice or write
  • You feel you have deadlines so you tune out distractions to get things done

Heads Up Musician

  • You are open to new tools for your music business
  • You look forward at the potential of your music goals
  • You accept outside opinions, question the status quo and have imagination

Which is better? It’s important to make room for both but it’s critical to know when to be Heads Up or Down. Like when you have a studio session coming up, you want to be ‘heads down’ (and your fellow musicians should be too). But when you want to line up some new performances – Play More, Make More – Heads Up is better. Beware of trying to be both at the same time…you’ll find yourself unproductive.

If you want to get hired more, play more and get paid more you should have a ‘heads up’ approach. Try new technology tools, put yourself out there, communicate, reach out to other musicians, share your work, build a kick-ass profile online. Facebook is getting hammered right now, try a new application like Plink to connect and get connected.

Heads Up will let your creativity expand and you’ll find that once you go back to Heads Down you’ll be more productive. Yes, you need both, but your business will grow when you come up for air and get “Heads Up”!