The company

Plink Entertainment, Inc.

Plink Entertainment, Inc. was founded in April of 2015 by Todd Aaronson and Eli Lester. The company currently operates offices in the Central Valley of California.

Our leadership team has launched dozens of businesses, marketed myriads of products and performed all over the world. 

Our technology team has been in the business of building successful technology companies since 1996 and has worked on projects from Tesla to NASA.

Plink is a social commerce platform for the live entertainment industry. Plink powers communities that utilize artist profiles, artist event calendars and a transparent curated rating system. In doing so, Plink promotes and monetizes “value add” services that unify and flatten the live music marketplace between musicians, venues, fans, and all industry stakeholders.

Plink changes the flow of the entertainment ecosystem on a localized level. The current ecosystem of artists, promoters, venue managers and consumers is fractured. Plink unifies this ecosystem and allows all user types to win.